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Designed for Sales-Led companies who are tired of losing deals at the contract stage.
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Honestly now, how many deals has your current e-signature software lost you?

How many times have you had a prospect delay signing a contract because the agreement felt “too overwhelming”?

How many times has your contract been flagged for legal review and red-lines when it’s all boilerplate?

No wonder your sales cycles are so long.

Standard PDF sales contracts are not designed for a frictionless singing experience. They take too long to prepare & they’re too overwhelming to read.

And standard e-Signature tools are clunky & everyone just accepts that “getting people to sign” is a long process.

But it doesn’t have to be.

With a better signing process, you can skip the long sales cycles & close deals faster.

How many customers are you losing at the finish line?

According to DocuSign research, only 40% of sales contracts that are sent end up getting signed. However, Roger customers sign on average 80% of their contracts.

Do your agreements look like this?

Standard PDF agreements take a long time to prepare and are difficult to review.

Roger creates a mobile-friendly TLDR summary, giving customers confidence that the contract is correct and allowing you to sign deals faster.

Here’s how you can get more contracts signed with Roger

Step #1

Create your agreement template

Pick from our template library or start fresh.
Have your contract template ready in just a few minutes.

Step #2

Fill out customer details

Draft new contracts in seconds using our easy to fill smart-form.

Step #3

Send your agreement & watch them sign

Your customer will immediately receive your agreement and you'll be able to see how they interact with it to know how invested are they, and what’s most important to them.
Just got a $2,500,000 LOI signed with Roger. It made the entire process so easy for me and so streamlined for my customer. I wouldn’t use anything else.
Patrick Walton
Founder of Care Weather
My favorite part of using Roger is how easy it is to send out and receive agreements. We send out around 15 agreements a week to contractors and Roger allows for a super-easy way for them to sign them.
Ellie Rizol
HR and Staffing Director
Roger has changed my business by doubling sales in the same time frame. I've tried many signature tools but none of them have been as user friendly as Roger, which shows results.
Drew Smith
Director of U.S. Development

Roger vs. alternatives

10 / month
5 / month
Legally binding
24/7 support
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A Message from The Founder

As a startup founder I’ve seen firsthand how "time kills all deals" and why it’s so important to maintain momentum and move quickly in order to close sales.

Unfortunately, most sales teams struggle to close deals fast because they use outdated contract signing solutions that add a lot of friction to the closing process.

At Roger, we believe that contract signing should be frictionless & exciting - like a handshake. That’s why we started building Roger - a “frictionless” contract signing solution designed to sign deals faster, not negotiate with lawyers.

Try it today for free, and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

- Mike Wang, Co-Founder & CEO

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