Finally, an eSignature solution that doubles your signer completion rate

Roger optimizes the signer experience and boosts completion rate from an industry average of 40% to a staggering 80%.

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Trusted by 1000+ small businesses

"Roger is very user friendly for my independent contractors, it helps me receive signed documents so much faster."
Ellie R, Hiring Manager, Locale
"Roger reduces the effort and work we have to do to get Sales Contracts and Order Forms signed by our customers. Instead of waiting for days, now we get signatures in hours."
Adam R, Owner, Mr. C Fence
"We work with surgeons who are extremely busy. Roger streamlines the NDA signing process. Instead of awkwardly waiting for days, we now get signed docs while we're talking to our docs."
Matthew Kang, Co-Founder, Revolve Surgical
"We love the ease of using Roger. It saves my team and my signers, a lot of time and effort."
Kat M, CEO, FoxBox
"Roger makes it easy for my customers to sign Terms of Service and Pick-up Forms. It's painless to quickly generate the contracts and to send them out."
Inna R, Owner, Inna’s Design
"Roger helps us get more documents signed faster. It saves my team lots of time and money. We're very happy with it."
Dan L, COO, Wings Over
"Roger reduces friction for my customers to sign vacation rental agreements. Instead of being a chore for my customers, the entire experience is now streamlined and effortless."
Jonah H, CEO, Rove
"Roger makes it hassle-free for my partners to sign Terms of Service and makes life easier for my team to manage the process. It's a time-saver for everyone."
Pedro P, Co-Founder, Satchel

Receive more signed documents faster

Rate of Completion

Time of Completion

Great for non-negotiated contracts

Roger is perfect for your business if:
  • You send 3+ contracts / week
  • Your signers are often on the go and on their phone
  • You need agreements to be 100% legally binding
For Signers

We make signing docs so easy, it's oddly kind of fun

We give signers the context they need upfront
Roger highlights key terms and provides context that's easy to digest.
No more fumbling around PDFs to fill out info
Signers can now see and fill out all required info upfront in a simple form.
How many clicks does it take to sign? Just one.
No more asking signers to draw those squiggly lines -- even if they are cute.
For Senders

We save you time. And what's more valuable than time? (Not a trick question.)

Send agreements in seconds with a simple form
We turn your contracts into templates so you can update agreements without modifying the document.
Get status updates at a glance
We make it easy to see who signed, who needs a nudge and where they are stuck.
Easily keep track of terms in your contracts
We automatically populate a spreadsheet with key terms from your contract.

How it works

Upload your existing contracts
We will create form fields, templates and agreement context for each one of your contracts.
Add signer contact info
You can easily change or update information in your templates. You can also send yourself a test email to preview.
Deliver one click e-sign
Your signers can execute the contracts on any device via SMS or email.
Monitor your signer status
Sit back and watch how quickly Roger can get your contracts signed.
“Roger reduces friction for my customers to sign vacation rental agreements. Instead of being a chore for my customers, the entire experience is now streamlined and effortless.”
Jonah H.
CEO, Rove

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