Smooth signing

Roger removes signing friction from start to finish, so you can be confident that your agreement never goes cold.
Made for fingers because people hate zooming around shrunken PDFs on phones.
Fill it out step by step so your customers never feel lost or confused.
Bite-sized summaries preface docs for easy understanding
A light, snappy experience helps people sign, in the time it takes you to read this sentence.

800,000+ monthly Google searches for how to sign PDF is a great reason for you to try roger

send in 3 steps, 3 seconds. that’s it.

Just paste an email address and hit Send. Even on your phone, too.

And that's not all!

Add a payment link
so people can pay after signing.
Step by step tracking
tells you exactly where they’re stuck.
do exactly what you think they do.
Invite unlimited users
So you can skip “Any updates?”
Hip shoot an agreement
from your phone. Feels like magic.
Share as a link
and text people agreements. Easy.
Direct, lightning-fast support
in minutes via Slack or email.
Just got a $2,500,000 LOI signed with Roger. It made the entire process so easy for me and so streamlined for my customer. I wouldn’t use anything else.
Patrick Walton
Founder of Care Weather
My favorite part of using Roger is how easy it is to send out and receive agreements. We send out around 15 agreements a week to contractors and Roger allows for a super-easy way for them to sign them.
Ellie Rizol
HR and Staffing Director
Roger has changed my business by doubling sales in the same time frame. I've tried many signature tools but none of them have been as user friendly as Roger, which shows results.
Drew Smith
Director of U.S. Development

Thousands of companies, big and small, choose Roger.

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