A pricing plan that rewards your growth.

Your success is our bread and butter. For our mutual benefit, you’ll pay less when you start sending more agreements than you signed up for.
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14 Day Trial
See if Roger agreements outperform your current workflow. (We bet they’ll double it)
Send unlimited agreements for 14 days.
Cancel anytime. No commitment.
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Edit, send, track, enjoy
Use all Roger features and suggest new ones.
Unlimited team members
Let everyone see what's going on.
Lightning fast support
Chat with us in Slack or get an email reply in minutes.
White glove setup
We convert any and all of your docs in minutes.
Unlimited sends
Send as many agreements as you want, so you can put Roger through its paces.
Good for you, good for us
Personalized Growth Plan
A tailor-made pricing plan that’s a comfy fit for your needs, so you only pay for the value you get from Roger.
$99 - $1499
From 20 to Unlimited agreements per month.
Billed monthly. Cancel anytime. No annual commitment.
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Same as trial
Smart send limit (or unlimited)
Start with a comfy monthly send limit that matches your average. It’s OK if you break it a little - good for you! When you outgrow it, get a better deal. Or, get unlimited sends.
Just got a $2,500,000 LOI signed with Roger. It made the entire process so easy for me and so streamlined for my customer. I wouldn’t use anything else.
Patrick Walton
Founder of Care Weather
My favorite part of using Roger is how easy it is to send out and receive agreements. We send out around 15 agreements a week to contractors and Roger allows for a super-easy way for them to sign them.
Ellie Rizol
HR and Staffing Director
Roger has changed my business by doubling sales in the same time frame. I've tried many signature tools but none of them have been as user friendly as Roger, which shows results.
Drew Smith
Director of U.S. Development

Thousands of companies, big and small, choose Roger.

How we calculate price

Your plan’s price depends on how many agreements you send per month.
We usually see up to 20, 100, or custom/unlimited agreements sent per month. The ballpark range for that is $59 - $1499.

We won’t charge you If you go over the limit a little - that’s on us.

When your business grows and you consistently break your limit over 3 months, we’ll set you up with a better deal for your new needs. Good for you!

No hidden fees, no user fees, and no annual commitments.

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as you grow

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Questions and answers

Did we miss anything? Contact support
How much does Roger cost?
We calculate your pricing plan based on how many agreements you send each month. To support your growth, when you start sending more than the monthly limit we agree to, we’ll cut you a better deal.

Roger agreements drastically outperform DocuSign/PDF workflows (doubled results) so a ballpark range includes anywhere from around $99 to $1499 a month. To get your pricing plan get in touch.
Can I start a trial before buying?
Yes, you can try Roger out for 14 days, free of charge. Send unlimited number of agreements and put Roger through its paces. No commitments, cancel anytime. Once your trial ends you can choose to upgrade to a tailor-made plan for you. We bet you’ll see Roger outperform your current workflow, but don’t take our word for it - try it out for yourself.
How much does it cost to add team members?
$0 per user. Add as many team members as you’d like. Invite your entire team, including HR, Legal — whoever needs visibility into agreements.
What kind of agreements can I use Roger with?
Typically, Roger returns most value for standardized agreements. Our users include teams in sales, real estate, start-ups, restaurant tech, HR. See the nice things they’ve said about us on G2.
What kind of support do you provide?
You won’t find support like this elsewhere. Chat with us directly on Slack or email us and get a reply in minutes.
What if I send more agreements per month than my plan includes?
In that case we’re happy your business is growing! We’ll cover the cost and won’t charge you more. When you break your limit 3 months in a row, we’ll create a better deal for your new needs.
Do the people I send agreements to need to create an account and/or pay?
No. Zero, zilch, nada. When you send them an agreement, they’ll get an email inviting them to sign it. Through a guided experience, they’ll sign without paying or creating an account.
Can I cancel my plan at any time?
Yes! Reach out to us and we’ll cancel your plan in minutes. You’ll still have access to Roger until the end of the month, so you can download agreements and bring your affairs in order.
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