February 2, 2023

Email Agreements are Legally Binding. ROGER That

Whether you’re a sales executive signing a new deal or a gym owner sending a liability waiver, you need an easy way to get that “Yes.” Your top priorities are speed and certainty - you know that time kills all deals.

Electronic signatures are a huge improvement vs. traditional paper contracts and wet signatures. However, electronic signatures can also create unnecessary friction. Making your clients and stakeholders create an account, sign in, enter names and draw signatures may give the impression that they’re signing away their first-born child. Often they get cold feet and loop in their legal department for review, delaying or derailing agreements.

DocuSign and other e-signature platforms are useful for complex, bespoke and highly negotiated agreements like home purchases, prenuptial agreements, or merger contracts. However, for more standardized and routine processes such as non-disclosure agreements, sales proposals, service terms, waivers, consents, or memos of understanding (MOUs), DocuSign is often overkill.

A common misconception is that legal contracts always must be long, formal and executed with formal signatures. However, agreements reached via email are just as legally enforceable as wet signatures on paper or digitally drawn with a mouse. Court cases have upheld the validity of legal agreements accepted via email in business transactions.

The email does not even need to contain the person’s full name; a first name or initials are sufficient for a legally binding contract. While hashing out an agreement, the terms “non-binding proposal” or “for discussion purposes” are often included to indicate that the terms are still being discussed and are not yet binding.

Say hello to ROGER.

ROGER is the easiest and most convenient way for your clients to give you that “Yes.” ROGER’s 1-Click Accept button is securely embedded in email so your clients can accept any agreements with the least amount of effort. They click the button once and it’s done. No more going through the hassle of creating an account, logging in, entering a name, and drawing signatures.

Let ROGER help you get that “Yes.”

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