Feature update: Sign PDF contracts

Feature update: Sign PDF contracts

Jul 10, 2024

💥 New Feature Update 💥


We’ve been quiet for the past few months, but for a good reason. We've been hard at work on a big new product – the ability to sign PDF contracts.

We know you’re probably surprised that Roger, an e-signature tool, didn’t already have a PDF e-signing feature. Honestly, our users were too. Frankly, we waited to build a PDF feature because we always knew we could build an awesome one (modest, I know). So, we wanted to start Roger with the part of the product that was the most “risky” - clickwrap contracts.

Would users understand the value of clickwrap contracts? Would clickwrap contracts actually get signed faster and with less friction than traditional PDF contracts? These were our burning questions.

After sending millions of contracts, the results were a resounding YES - an impressive 82% of our Roger clickwrap contracts are signed within 24 hours.

However, our users kept telling us that, while Roger excelled at signing standardized contracts, they also needed their e-signature tool to handle custom one-off PDF contracts for HR, Ops, and other use cases.

So, we finally decided it was time to build the PDF e-signing feature. After working closely with our users, we identified these key differentiating features:

  • Speed: users find incumbent e-signature tools slow and janky. Roger is lightning-fast

  • Collaboration: users want enhanced team visibility and collaboration tools. Unlike the single-player experience of other tools, Roger is built for teams

  • Simple, Aligned Pricing: users also disliked the popular per-user pricing model. We’re introducing simple, aligned pricing:

    • Pay for Signatures, not Envelopes.

    • Never Overpay. Pay for only what you use, never more.

This evolution transforms Roger into a comprehensive e-signature tool, capable of meeting all your organization’s e-signature needs.

We love what we’ve built, and we think you will too.

🙏 Thank You 🙏

All of our users

You all have been so helpful in our journey. We are eternally grateful for your ideas and feedback.

As always, please share your feedback, comments, or questions with us:

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