February 2, 2023

So you got a PDF in the email… how to sign a PDF using PandaDoc

Did someone just send you an agreement, contract, or PDF in your email? Are you struggling to figure out how to fill out and sign the PDF? 

This can be an extremely frustrating and confusing experience because you need to:

  • Wait until you’re home and in front of your desktop
  • Print out the PDF
  • Fill out and sign the print-out
  • Scan the print-out
  • Upload the scans to your desktop
  • Respond to the email and attach the scans

This multi-step process is manual and clunky. And if you’re on your phone or don’t have a printer? You’re outta luck.

In this article we will walk you through how to use PandaDoc to fill-out and sign a PDF.

Create your PandaDoc account:

  1. Go to https://www.pandadoc.com
  2. Click “Start free 14-day trial”
  1. Enter in your email address
  2. Create your password
  3. Enter in your contact information
  4. PandaDoc will ask you to invite your teammates to your workspace, this is optional so click “Maybe later”

Your PandaDoc account is now all set-up! Now let’s fill out and sign your PDF:

  1. Click the green “Create” button in the upper right corner

  1. Drag and drop or upload your PDF into PandaDoc

  1. To fill out any questions:

Click “Text” in the right panel

Drag and drop the text box you just created into the appropriate place on the PDF. Type your answers.

  1. To sign the PDF:
Click “Signature” in the right panel

Drag and drop the digital signature you just created into the appropriate place on the PDF

Click the “Use this template” button in the upper right corner

Now you need to send the PDF to yourself in order to sign it:

Enter in your own email address. Your First and Last name are optional.

Click on the “Signature” button

Insert your digital signature

Click on “Finish document”

You’ve just filled out and signed the PDF! Now let’s download the signed PDF so you can email it back to the person that sent it to you:

Click on “Download”

And you’re done! Now just go to your Downloads folder and find the completed PDF. You can attach and send this PDF to everyone you need to.

Filling out and signing contracts shouldn’t be this hard. Try signing your contract with Roger here.

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