February 2, 2023

So you got a PDF in the email… how to sign a PDF using DocuSign

Did someone just send you an agreement, contract, or PDF in your email? Are you struggling to figure out how to fill out and sign the PDF? 

This can be an extremely frustrating and confusing experience because you need to:

  • Wait until you’re home and in front of your desktop
  • Print out the PDF
  • Fill out and sign the print-out
  • Scan the print-out
  • Upload the scans to your desktop
  • Respond to the email and attach the scans

This multi-step process is manual and clunky. And if you’re on your phone or don’t have a printer? You’re outta luck.

In this article we will walk you through how to use DocuSign to fill-out and sign a PDF. This should save you time or if you don’t have a printer.

Create your DocuSign account:

  1. Go to www.docusign.com
  2. Click “Try for Free”
  1. Enter in your email address and “Reason for Use”
  2. Enter in your contact information
  3. Check your inbox for a “Welcome email” from DocuSign
  4. Click the link in the “Welcome email”
  5. Log into DocuSign
  6. Create your password
  7. Check your inbox again for a “Verification email” from DocuSign
  8. Enter the verification code into DocuSign

Your DocuSign account is now all set-up! Now let’s fill out and sign your PDF:

Drag and drop or upload your PDF into DocuSign

Click “Add recipients” and “I’m the only signer” then click "Sign" in the bottom right corner.

To fill out any questions:

  1. Click Text in the left panel
  1. Drag and drop the text box you just created into the appropriate place on the PDF
  1. Type in your answers

To sign the PDF:

1. Click Signature in the left panel

2. Drag and drop the digital signature you just created into the appropriate place on the PDF

3. Click the Finish button in the upper or bottom right corners

4. The “Almost Done” screen is optional so feel free to skip it.

This screen allows you to send a copy of the signed PDF to someone else. If you plan on replying personally via your email click “No Thanks” 

To Download the signed PDF:

1. Click on “Manage” in the top toolbar

2. Find the PDF you just signed - it should be on the top of your dashboard

3. Click Download

4. Confirm which files you want to download. Downloading both the Document and Certificate of Completion is OK.

And you’re done! Now just go to your Downloads folder and find the completed PDF. You can attach and send this PDF to everyone you need to.

Filling out and signing contracts shouldn’t be this hard. Roger is working on something to make the entire process faster and easier for everyone. Stay tuned for more!

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