February 2, 2023

Need to Add your Digital Signature to a Document?

Do you want to add your digital signature to a contract, letter or form? There are a lot of different options online. However, most of these solutions were built to SEND contracts for signature, not for you to SIGN a contract yourself. That’s why we’ve created this list and included our helpful how-to guides for you:


DocuSign is recognized as the leader in electronic signature software and is used by millions of people each year to sign contracts. DocuSign is a great solution for signing contracts but may be a bit overweight if you’re trying to add your signature to a more casual letter or form. Also, DocuSign’s free trial offer is the most limited of the solutions on this list.

Here’s our how-to guide for signing documents using DocuSign.


Smallpdf is a great lightweight free tool that allows users to sign and add text to PDFs. Smallpdf is a great solution to sign a PDF. Unfortunately, Smallpdf only works on PDFs (duh) and does not have a mobile friendly option.

Here’s our how-to guide on how to use Smallpdf.


PandaDoc is an up and coming DocuSign competitor. PandaDoc has comparable features and capabilities to DocuSign but is often described as easier and more approachable to use. However, using PandaDoc to SIGN an agreement for yourself requires some gymnastics.

Here’s our how-to guide for signing documents using PandaDoc.

AdobeSign, HelloSign

AdobeSign & HelloSign are similar to DocuSign and PandaDoc. They’re adequate solutions with not much differentiation from other e-signature tools in the market. 


We’re building Roger to be the easiest way to send AND SIGN agreements. Importantly, Roger was built to be easy to use on both your desktop and mobile phone. If you need to add your signature to a PDF, start here.


There are a lot of options for adding your digital signature to a document. However, most solutions were built to be sender-first and require customizations and gymnastics to use to sign a document yourself. Roger is the only fast, easy and mobile-friendly option.

Try Roger for FREE here.

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