February 2, 2023

7 Remarkably Simple Tips to Get your Contracts Signed Faster

Have you ever gotten a customer's verbal “yes,” sent them your contract only to never hear from them again?

“Contract ghosting” is a real problem that all sales execs have experienced.

Here are 7 remarkably simple tips that help Roger agreements get signed 80% faster and 2x more often than average.

1. Keep (the contract) simple, stupid


We recommend shortening your contract to a simple, easy-to-understand “Order Form” and including any lengthy Terms and Conditions as an addendum or even a clickwrap agreement.

2. Keep (the questions) simple, stupid

Does your contract require your customer to enter their phone number… when you’re already on the phone with them?

Are you asking your customer for their e-mail address? Their mother’s maiden name? Their pet’s name?

Remove any unnecessary questions that your contract is asking. More questions = more work = more chances for your customer to decide you’re not worth the trouble. Amazon found that the average check-out process used 14 forms when only 7 forms were needed. How many unnecessary questions does your contract have?

3. Make your customer's life easy

Now that you’ve eliminated your contract’s unnecessary questions, go the extra step - fill out as many of the contract’s questions for your customer as you can.

Do you have their name, phone number, and address already? Fill it out for them! 

4. Context, context, context

Do you give your social security number to anyone on the street? Of course not! Or at least we hope you don’t.

For any sensitive questions you need to ask, provide context. What information are you asking for? Why do you need it? How is it used?

5. Talk like a human

Your customers are human beings, not lawyers! Unless you’re selling to lawyers I guess, in which case - good luck.

Help your customers understand what they’re signing. Are the descriptions of your company’s Service, Price, and Terms all on different pages? Pull all that critical information upfront and make it easily digestible. These are the important terms your customers want to see. 

Human beings want to know what they’re signing, why they’re signing it, and what they’re getting in return. Don’t make it hard for your customer to get the answers they need.

6. Time kills all deals

Send the agreement ASAP! 

The best time to send a contract is when you’re still talking to them so you can…

7. Hold their hand

The best time to get your customer to sign is when you’re still talking to them - that’s when you have their complete attention and their intent is highest. It also allows you to answer any questions and objections before time and indifference seep in.

Send the contract while you’re still talking to them or, at the very least, make sure that you’re available (and that they know you are) when they’re reviewing your contract. 

Getting your contract signed is the final step of your sales process so don’t just send over a PDF and assume your customer will figure it out.

Roger agreements help deal with all of these issues. Find out more at thanksroger.com.

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